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Wildlife - At the Edge of Civilization

Wherever the edges of cities and wild lands meet, you are bound to find plenty of critters who inhabited this land before we arrived…eons before. Our area is no exception. Here, as our housing is developed further and further into the hillsides, and where we live virtually at the base of a range of mountains, we can expect to encounter the inhabitants which called this area home well before humans even set foot on the land.

In reality, it is we who are invading their territory, rather than the other way around, and while being respectful of their rights to exist, we must also be wary of their abilities to defend their home, with the fang, claw, or chemical weapons at their disposal. Here, we’ve included a few of the animal threats in our area, and what you might do to either avoid them, or the best actions to take when you come upon them.

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