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We know that we are in the crosshairs of terrorism. When an event as peaceful as the Boston Marathon is the object of either domestic or state-sponsored terrorism, it is important that we all be prepared.

Threats: The problems are many…

Beauty may only be skin deep in Southern California. Yes, many envy our blue skies, sunshine, year-round outdoor activities, proximity to stunning ocean vistas and equally breathtaking mountain and desert scenery. However, like in all communities, ours comes with threats, including some that, while not unique to our area, are more common here than elsewhere. Earthquakes! Others, like fire, are often accompanied by hurricane-force winds that turn the word “fire” into “blowtorch”. When rains come, our rivers turn into raging torrents.

The freeways and railroads that criss-cross our area, providing for a robust economy, also carry daily hazmat threats. And, the very beauty that has drawn millions of people to California means that the threat of terrorism is always a possibility. These are the things that CERT volunteers, in cooperation with the Loma Linda Fire Department, have trained for - not only to help themselves, but to be ready to help others if called upon.

…but so are the solutions…beginning with YOU!
Plans: YOU are the solution!

The best solution to the many threats that face us is between your ears - using your time, skills, and countless resources to prepare a survival plan for you and your family, in case of natural or man-made disasters.

Visit www.Ready.gov for more information

Plans: Are You Ready?
Make a difference...in your own life, and in the lives of others. Join Loma Linda and Colton CERT