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Community radio is coming to Loma Linda. A low-wattage Traveler’s Information Station (TIS) will broadcast emergency preparedness information 24/7, and will aid communication efforts in the event of a disaster or other major community impact.

In an actual emergency, information becomes a commodity as precious as food and water. It’s to that end, that the Loma Linda Emergency Operations has procured a very compact, but very powerful information tool – a low-wattage radio station that will cover all of Loma Linda (and, possibly parts of Redlands, San Bernardino, and Grand Terrace) with a 24/7 radio signal that could play a vital role during an emergency.

Broadcasting at AM frequency 1690, WQOS-745 will go “on the air” sometime during 2013, and will broadcast continuously from that point.

TIS radio, along with active Emergency Information websites, such as our own www.LomaLindaCERT.com, and social media such as FaceBook accounts, and Twitter accounts have been woven in with traditional Public Information Office broadcasts and news releases to update residents during incidents like Hurricane Katrina, as well as the devastating tornado events like those in Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama during the last few years. The goal of Loma Linda’s Office of Emergency Services is to be prepared to disseminate information through as many portals as possible, providing information to residents that is both timely and accurate, in forms that they are most comfortable using.

AM 1690
CERT Broadcasting to begin soon

Pictured, top to bottom, Debra Kreske previews the emergency radio setup in Grand Terrace, with volunteers, (l. To r.) Vic Pfennighausen, long-time broadcaster Pete Parsons (a KFWB Radio alum), and Matt Wirz, Management Analyst for the city of Grand Terrace. Next, the radio transmitter and playback units. Debra, Matt and Pete preview the Adobe recording studio used to create messages used throughout the day on the Grand Terrace radio station. Left, Debra gets to try her hand at the Adobe recording station. Below, the Loma Linda radio station is actually a “radio in a box”, portable station, and can be moved about the city in an emergency, or if the emergency operations center became uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event.